Additional resources to learn about Tetragon

Conference talks

The Next Log4jshell?! Preparing for CVEs with eBPF!John Fastabend & Natália Réka IvánkóKubeCon EU2023
Tutorial: Getting Familiar with Security Observability Using eBPF & Cilium TetragonDuffie Cooley & Raphaël PinsonKubeCon EU2023
Securing the Superpowers: Who Loaded That eBPF Program?John Fastabend & Natália Réka IvánkóCloudNative SecurityCon NA2023
Container Security and Runtime Enforcement with TetragonDjalal HarounieBPF Summit2022
You and Your Security Profiles; Generating Security Policies with the Help of eBPFJohn Fastabend & Natália Réka IvánkóeBPF Day North America2022
Keeping your cluster safe from attacks with eBPFJed Salazar & Natália Réka IvánkóeBPF Summit2021
Uncovering a Sophisticated Kubernetes Attack in Real Time Part II.Jed Salazar & Natália Réka IvánkóO’Reilly Superstream Series, Infrastructure & Ops2021
Uncovering a Sophisticated Kubernetes Attack in Real-TimeJed Salazar & Natália Réka IvánkóKubeCon EU2020


Security Observability with eBPF - Jed Salazar & Natália Réka Ivánkó, OReilly, 2022

Blog posts

Detecting a Container Escape with Cilium and eBPF - Natália Réka Ivánkó, 2021

Detecting and Blocking log4shell with Isovalent Cilium Enterprise - Jed Salazar, 2021

Hands-on lab

Security Observability with eBPF and Tetragon - Natália Réka Ivánkó, Roland Wolters, Raphaël Pinson