Software bill of materials

Download and verify the signature of the software bill of materials

A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is a complete, formally structured list of components that are required to build a given piece of software. SBOM provides insight into the software supply chain and any potential concerns related to license compliance and security that might exist.

Starting with version 0.8.4, all Tetragon images include an SBOM. The SBOM is generated in SPDX format using the bom tool. If you are new to the concept of SBOM, see what an SBOM can do for you.

Download SBOM

The SBOM can be downloaded from the supplied Tetragon image using the cosign download sbom command.

cosign download sbom --output-file sbom.spdx <Image URL>

Verify SBOM Image Signature

To ensure the SBOM is tamper-proof, its signature can be verified using the cosign verify command.

COSIGN_EXPERIMENTAL=1 cosign verify --certificate-github-workflow-repository cilium/tetragon --certificate-oidc-issuer --attachment sbom <Image URL> | jq

It can be validated that the SBOM image was signed using Github Actions in the Cilium repository from the Issuer and Subject fields of the output.

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